roomsXML USA Disney

roomsXML and Disneyland USA

As a kid it was amazing if you even knew someone who had been to Disneyland, never mind go yourself. It was a world of magic, wonder and entertainment

Scenic launches 2016 Africa program

Scenic, the number one luxury travel operator to Africa, has launched its 2016 Africa program which includes the launch of a new extended itinerary and a number of new Enrich experiences
roomsXMl Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur: Colours of warmth

At any time of the day, there’s always something happening around Malaysia. Places to explore, food to feast on, shopping to indulge in, or festivals to celebrate – it’s a non-stop adventure for ever...

5,379 Italian Hotels with roomsXML

Some 500 metric tons of gold changes hand every year in this desert city. But it’s not only the gold that shines. Man-made wonders ranging from sprawling malls, sky-scrapers, designer hotels to creat...