ATAS kicks into gear


The Australian Tourism industry Accreditation Scheme starts today, following five years of consultation over its design.

Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA) chief executive officer Jason Westbury said that ATAS will provide much benefit to tourist agents and consumers.

“Our industry can now operate within a flexible, equitable framework which accommodates the significant diversity of the Australian travel industry, applies the rigor of Australian Consumer Law, accommodates the evolution of the way consumers buy travel, and which more fairly spreads responsibility across the entire industry rather than just travel agents,” Mr Westbury said.

Under the scheme, ATAS accredited travel agencies will also now have to possess mandatory professional indemnity and public liability insurance.

Mr Westbury said that consumers can now be confident that because ATAS accredited agents have to have this insurance, they will be able to rely on the advice of agents, as they do a lawyer or doctor and that industry’s reputability should not be distinguished by the notion of insolvency by a ‘bailout scheme’.

Source = ETB News: Tom Neale
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One thought on “ATAS kicks into gear

  1. What a load on nonsense, clients from today are not protected at all even if so called "travel intermediaries" are ATAS accredited. The accreditation means nothing to a client without the additional insurances. If the agent or 3rd party supplier goes under the client will get precisely nothing from ATAS, apart from possibly some well meaning advice. Surely, to give the scheme any credibility, these additional insurances have be mandatory so all legal travel sellers are working on a level playing field? As it stands it is totally useless, i eagerly await the fall out when the first travel intermediary without the voluntary insurances goes bust to see what kind reaction there is in the travel, and national press, about the wanton lack of protection provided to the end buyer.

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