Tahiti reveals new brand identity


Tahiti Tourisme unveiled its new global branding at an exclusive event complete with Tahitian dancers and artwork at the Argyle in Sydney last night.

The new branding, developed by the Melbourne office of global creative company FutureBrand, incorporates Tahiti’s rugged natural beauty, sophisticated luxury and authentic culture, symbolising its traditions and way of life through specially handcrafted typography and traditional artwork reflecting Tahiti’s unique flora.

In a global market where competition is getting increasingly fierce, the desire for a refreshing new brand came from the need to separate Tahiti from its competitors and standout while appealing to the objectives people were looking for when travelling.

“Reflecting the timeless culture and way of life through the positioning with an elegant and premium approach to colour, type and photography, the new identity encourages travellers to consider the beauty that lies beneath the surface of the picture-perfect postcard and the powerful and profound impact the land and people can have on those who visit,” Tahiti Tourisme chief marketing officer Thomas Rebergue said.

The challenge was to avoid the clichés and stereotypes while playing on the characteristics Tahiti is so well known for and staying relevant in the current travel environment, ultimately intending to drive tourism and create economic opportunities.

“Throughout this project, it has been important that the authenticity and passion of French Polynesia is reflected and captured appropriately and Tahiti Tourisme’s new brand identity, and that of the destination of our Islands, is a celebration of the place, the people, its history and of course its future,” Tahiti Minister of Tourism Geffry Salmon said.

The new brand aims sets the foundations for future marketing activities that will further work to create and inspire a more contemporary understanding and desire for French Polynesia, which will be rolled out over the rest of the year.


Source = ETB News: Lana Bogunovich
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