Italo launch to help Australian travel agents


The launch of Italo, Italy’s only privately owned high speed train company, will provide many benefits for Australian travel agents selling travel to the European market. 

Italo was founded by 4 Italian businessmen to compete with Italy’s incumbent Trenitalia and is also Europe’s first private owner-operator of 300km/h high speed.

Italo is backed by Rail Europe and operates a three class service which runs services from the all the major cities near Milan, to Florence to Rome and Salerno.

Italo runs up to 5 trains per day between Venice and Rome, up to 13 trains a day between Milan and Rome and up to 19 trains a day between Florence and Rome.

The three classes are Ambiente Prima (First Class), Ambiente Club and Ambiente Smart and each class has Free Wi-Fi, large windows to watch the world go by and large reclined seats.

Agents are reminded that Rail Europe tickets are distributed by Rail Plus, Rail Tickets, CIT Holidays and Infinity Rail in Australia, and Rail Plus and Go Holidays in New Zealand.

Source = ETB News: Tom Neale
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