Sydney Airport in ACCC’s bad books


Sydney Airport has been rated Australia’s worst large airport in the most recent Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) annual report on aviation.

Sydney Airport has again received the worst rating of Australia’s four biggest airports, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

The report stresses that Sydney Airport will need to work on its congestion, improve capacity for passenger transit and enhance service levels in order to meet future demands.

“Sydney Airport's low quality of service ratings and relatively low investments in the face of on-going increases in demand, suggest that needed investments have not been forthcoming,” the report said.

ACCC chairman Rod Sims said that capacity pressures would affect airports considerably in future.

"It is likely that the current infrastructure at monitored airports will be under increasing pressure in future years given evidence of aeronautical and land-side congestion at some airports," Mr Sims said.

Out of the big four airports, Brisbane was the only the one to improve its level of service with Tullamarine passengers saying they received “good” service at Tullamarine.

Airlines ratings fell across the board, with service levels going from “satisfactory” to “poor”.

Despite the negative feedback, all four airports recorded car parking revenue growth.

Sydney had both the highest car parking revenue per space as well as the highest parking margin per space.

Airport users are charged $56 at Sydney Airport for eight hours parking.

The ACCC has been concerned that parking bays have been restricted at Melbourne Airport with numbers lessening recently. 

Source = ETB News: Tom Neale
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One thought on “Sydney Airport in ACCC’s bad books

  1. "Sydney had both the highest car parking revenue per space as well as the highest parking margin per space." What a surprise. And the fact that the surcharge on the airport train stations remains in place after 14 years is a disgrace. Remove that and you'll free up car spaces galore.

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