Qantas rejigs frequent flyer program


Qantas has revamped its frequent flyer program so that regular travellers will now earn points based on how much they spend, rather than how far they fly.

The changes will take effect from 1 July and mean that customers will earn points and status credits when they book more “flexible rates”, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

Under the new scheme, new routes will also attract bonus points.

Frequent flyers have reacted strongly on social media, with one tweeter saying that the program had become only focussed on high-earning high-flyers.

Qantas has defended the overhaul, saying that the changes would make earning points “simpler” and “fairer” for all flyers.

Customers who regularly used the old scheme were assured by Qantas that their points are still redeemable.

Consumer lobby group, Choice spokesperson, Tom Godfrey, said the news is not good for consumers.

“‘A lot of consumers who are looking for discounted air-fares and seeking to get a benefit from signing up to a rewards program will have to think twice before looking at Qantas,’’ Mr Godrey said.

Source = ETB News: Tom Neale
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2 thoughts on “Qantas rejigs frequent flyer program

  1. Actually this makes commercial sense, just like the award schemes on retail cards- you are awarded only on the value of your purchases, rather the volume of merchandise. Delta, I think set the ball ruling in the US. Qantas' changes unfortunately ignores its existing membership and their preference for a mileage based system. I'm dreading when this change will affect the program I am a member of.
  2. How dumb are Qantas ? This is the last nail in the coffin. Who would even bother now with QF. They are surely stuffed.

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