MH370 causes PR problem for Malaysia


Tourism to Malaysia is likely to be affected in many ways because of the MH370 debacle.

Malaysia’s reputation as a tourist hotspot has taken a beating from the Malaysian government’s ham fisted approach to managing the search and releasing timely information, News reported.

New footage showing families being separated from public protest has become a public relations problem for Malaysia as well as make the government look cruel.

A recent poll by accommodation search website Trivago, found that of the 500,000 Australians that visit Malaysia each year, many are reconsidering visiting again and some who planned it have cancelled their trips.

In addition, a Bank of America-Merrill Lynch study found that 12 per cent of Malaysia’s tourists were from China and that the treatment of Chinese families by the Malaysian government could affect tourist flows to the country.

The events sector in Malaysia is also suffering due to the debacle, with only 50 tickets sold to the Malaysian F1 Concert, despite selling 1000 tickets last year.  

China has taken issue with Malaysia’s off the cuff conclusion that MH370 definitely crashed into the southern Indian Ocean, even demanding evidence that of such a crash.

Source = ETB News: Tom Neale
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2 thoughts on “MH370 causes PR problem for Malaysia

  1. Hi Tom, The tickets sold were to their F1 Concert not the race as presales. The sales for the race were very good up to February end 2014. The concert was cancelled. regards Patrick Wedes The Motorsport Shop FORMULA MotoGP Magazine

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