World’s largest nude ocean swim, The Sydney Skinny

188935Budgie smugglers and anxieties will be cast aside this Sunday 23 February as the world famous swim, The Sydney Skinny, returns for a second year running.

The community event is intended as a celebration of life and is set to be a joyous experience that focuses on what unites us, not what divides us.

This year’s swim follows the success of last year’s inaugural event, which welcomed close to 1000 adventurous swimmers who de-robed and swam in the name of unity and diversity, to combat body image issues, to celebrate being alive or simply to have a brilliantly fun swim.

Located at Cobblers Beach, the fully-ticketed, no–spectator swim aims to raise money for the rejuvenation project throughout Sydney Harbour National Park and assist The Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife continue their conservation work.

As a testament to the inclusive nature of the event, there are two swim distances available (300m and 900m), both which are untimed and in calm waters to allow swimmers of all levels to get involved. Flippers and floatation aids are also welcome.

Swim waves can be pre-selected, allowing friends and groups to swim together, no matter what level or gender – with only participating swimmers allowed on the secluded beach.  What’s more, wonderful volunteers will be on hand to greet all swimmers at the shore with a keepsake sarong.

The Sydney Skinny festival area, located on the top of the headland, will be open to everyone and delight guests with a selection of wonderful arts, food and nudie juice, with complimentary (and well earned!) refreshments for all those thirsty swimmers.

Source = The Sydney Skinny
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