Aussie search network AdLux taking on Google

Nicholas Stavropoulos, CEO, AdLux and George Papaioannou, Managing Director Excite Holidays

Australia’s largest independent search network AdLux celebrated its first anniversary last night at the Ivy Penthouse, Sydney.

Nicholas Stavropoulos, AdLux CEO, told e-Travel Blackboard “we are now the leading independent search network in Australia serving over 1 billion searches monthly. AdLux has become a viable alternative to Google and Yahoo”

In 2002 co-founders George Papaioannou and Nicholas Stavropoulos launched one of the travel industry’s major online hotel booking engines – Excite Holidays. Nine years later the pair celebrated AdLux’s first successful year of trading with their travel, agency and corporate partners.

Teck Goon AdLux Business Development Manager said “more and more travel companies are booking pay per click advertising via AdLux generating traffic to their websites”. Advertisers can choose from sponsored links, at the lowest cost-per-click rate in the market, or contextual ads offering in-article text links relevant to what the reader is reading.

An example, said Mr Goon, would be reading a press release about a destination and user initiated, on-page, key words are highlighted. For the user it is real-time and mind-set driven advertising. A simple mouse over the link displays an AdLux text bubble which can be a text link or rich media ad.

Dean Wicks of WeGo said “we are currently working with AdLux, and by diversifying our spend, is expanding our reach”.

To learn more about AdLux visit their website

Source = e-Travel Blackboard: R.M
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