BIG4 Holiday Parks new CEO spends day one undercover

Ray Schleibs

In a world first, incoming BIG4 Holiday Parks CEO, Ray Schleibs, went undercover for the first few days of his new job. Under the guise of a man named ‘Jim’ interested in investing in a holiday park, Ray greeted guests, cleaned bathrooms and mowed lawns – gaining a uniquely objective perspective of his organisation, which would be difficult to achieve for someone coming from inside the company.

Ray was taking part in the hugely successful TV program, Undercover Boss, which begins airing on Channel 10 this month. He is the first CEO in the world to take part in the program on his very first day in a new job.

Having spent 24 years in various roles across the global tourism and travel industry, the former principal of a Sydney based services, tourism, and hospitality consultancy firm says the unique experience was both very personally rewarding and a great way to get immediate and valuable insight into his new work environment. 

“The marketing team at BIG4 were in talks with the production company during the recruitment period and once appointed, I was offered the opportunity to take part as the new CEO of the company. It was a great chance for me, from day one, to get a real insight into the numerous jobs that park owners and staff do on a daily basis, as well as wonderful variety of people and Parks that make up the BIG4 family,” says Mr Schleibs.

“I really appreciated this opportunity to get to know BIG4 on a very personal level. Naturally, it was also particularly satisfying to be able to help some of our hard working staff to realise their dreams through providing donations,” he says.

“From a business perspective, I now have some great ideas as to how to make this already successful group even better and I am really looking forward to getting behind the desk and putting them into practice,” he concludes.

BIG4 Holiday Parks and Mr Schleibs will feature on the highly anticipated first home-grown series of Undercover Boss, which will begin transmitting weekly on Network TEN from Monday, 18 October at 8.30pm.


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